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Fashion Editorial: Achromatic Chic

Fashion Editorial: Achromatic Chic



  • Photographer Kristina McManus
  • Model Kelsey Rae Hair
  • Makeup Britten Faith
  • Styling Madison Dixion

“A jacket, a vest, a shirt . . . they are such a part of me. They make me feel confident; they make me feel truly like myself. They are talismanic.” – Patti Smith

I have always believed that Rock ‘n’ Roll and fashion go together as one.  The inextricable link has held up year after year.   From Madonna to Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, fashion is just an essential part of rock ‘n’ roll.

Growing up, I educated myself on fashion through the decades.  I would tear up my Rolling Stone magazine, rip through my older sister’s Vogue and make collages on my wall.  Through this very personal “magazine” education and then through my own formal education at SCAD, I developed a relationship with all things Rock and Fashion. 

Through all the genres of fashion, I felt a deep connection to the Patti Smith’s deconstructed punk style and Kate Moss’s boho chic attire.  Both of these women have so much strength and confidence in their style.  I love seeing Robert Mapplethorpe’s photos of Patti Smith in the slouchy jacket and vest worn over a white T-shirt and pants, down to the combat boots on her feet.  Forget the ties to punk, goth or emo, Patti Smith transcends these clichés, as she made a category for herself alone.  Let’s not forget to mention Kate Moss.  She was the 90’s!  Her boho chic look; from her flowy shirts to her f loose fitting jackets, chunky accessories, bohemian dresses and boots. Through my research of Patti and Kate, I have drawn inspiration from both of these stylish women to create my theme for this shoot.

I had been working on an idea about doing a boho-rock look for a few months, but I knew I had to choose a model with a particular look in order to make this shoot successful.  Even more, she needed the right personality to convey my vision.  The right individual needed to have the confidence in their look, in their poses and in their state of being in order to make this a cohesive piece.  The boho-rock style is becoming more of a state of mind rather than just a look.  If you feel comfortable and confident then this style will read just that! What is it that I love about boho-rock look? I love the boho-rock style because it looks feminine and rugged in an effortless way.  It mixes soft features with rough edges.  It’s a shot of Jack Daniels with a cherry.

When I came across Kelsey Rae’s portfolio, I knew she was the exact type of model that I had been waiting for.  I could see that she was the only one who could properly execute this look.  Seeing the confidence she had in her everyday attire, (which just happens to be boho-chic, already) I could see she would exude the attitude I wanted. I took Kelsey’s everyday look and added a little Rock ‘n’ Roll, a little more edge.  By supplementing a variety of clothing textures and metal jewelry to each look, we were able to add some punch to her soft boho chic look.  I also tried to keep a very monotone mood for these images to keep them chic and edgy.  As for the makeup and hair we were looking to keep the soft natural hair with some volume and a heavy smoky eye.  As for the posing, I really wanted her to poses to be natural and confident, but I also demanded a little bit of sass.  This Monochromatic Chic editorial is a perfect balance of sweet and edgy. 


  • White tee – urban outfitters Gold chain necklace – child of wild Brown hat- free people Black combat boots – Steve Madden
  • Dress and shoes- H & M Rings- Child of wild
  • top- H&M Bottoms -Forever 21 Arm cuff – arrow divine
  • Black leather Jacket- Urban Outfitters Bottoms- Forever 21 Rings – Child of Wild
  • Romper- Nordstrom Black romper – nordstrom Long silver chunky necklace – child of wild Black lace up heal/boots – Zara Black hat – H&M
  • White long dress – electric west Black leather jacket – urban outfitters Black hat – H&M
  • Helmut Lang- tank top Black lace up heal/boots – Zara Arm cuff – arrow divine Pants- H&M