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Fashion Editorial: #9 Doll

Fashion Editorial: #9 Doll


Photographer: Luiza Lehtinen https://www.facebook.com/lehtinenphoto
Model: Heidi Mustonen https://www.facebook.com/elizabethgold111 / Fondi Models Agency, Finland
Makeup & Hair / Fashion stylist: Natalja Mountian https://www.facebook.com/makeup.nataljamountian

When I started photographing, I was worrying much more about Photoshop editing, than about taking natural pictures, like many others photographers. But I am growing all the time like an artist and like a professional. So I started to think, that I want to be more a photographer, than a retouches. So I decide to challenge myself about creating a real natural fashion style pictures.

With the stylist we created several different looks, which should to help as to show our idea. We didn’t plan a lot going into the shoot, so most of the idea where very spontaneous. The looks are completed from cloths and accessories from different brands; Most of the accessories where handmade by our stylist. For the Nude content we didn’t wanted to use any kind of accessories, just pure emotions.

We used three different kind of look, more aggressive and adult, more romantic and infant and nude like three different image in one person. Black hat and red lipstick symbolize an adult aggressive. Light makeup, curly hair and lacy clothing symbolize pure romanticism and infancy. And the final look we were going for was nude symbolizes the soul.

With my team we’ve had a whole day to shooting our fashion story, so we’re not in a hurry. Heidi worked perfectly for our theme; she is an extremely professional model and it was a pleasure working with her.

Couple words about idea of this story.

Usually a doll it is a symbol of human, of soul and sometimes it just symbolize a desire to be someone else, to live other life. A small girl in an adult woman’s body, an empty soul, no emotion, no feelings. She try to look like adult, she wearing adult cloths and wearing make-up, but behind her eyes is little girl. She doesn’t know what means to be an adult woman, how to be a complete persona. How to live with the adult body and how to feel it. But true is that small girl need to be child and woman need to be an adult.

At the same time, I didn’t want to create too expressive character. So we didn’t use lot of accessories and very expressive emotions. Everything should to be natural, like in real life. Because I like when spectator try to find point and understand story by itself. At the end of shooting we did some nude shoots to show that there is a soul full of life and there is always a hope to find it. A chance to become from a doll to a woman.

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