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Arice – Director/3D Artist
Simma Padalino – Concept Artist
lerloons – Music Composer

“Opening Video for ETRO Man Fashion Show (Fall/Winter 2017/18)

The concept behind this menswear collection was inspired by the myths and legends of the mountains worldwide, and the willingness to reach out for something far beyond our earthly gaze.

The Kayapo’s myth of the warriors who came down to Earth from the sky, thanks to a rope, is the core that led the development of the opening scene. Kayapo people in Brazil wear colorful feathers on their heads, that point right up to the sky.

With their delicate fall, they anticipate the presence of someone who is wearing them up there, where the rope leads. A sort of symbolic passage from one dimension to another happens. A new, dreamy world awaits; together with a transformation for our anonymous traveler.

The idea behind the “Guru” character is a shaman: someone who has the power of being a mystical bridge between different dimensions. His beak is covered by fine Etro’s Paisley decorations, that we can also see on the traveler’s long coat and the mask he wears. ”

“The final journey takes place through our paisley-covered character to a fairy mountain landscape, where nature is populated by peaceful, half gorilla – half man creatures.”