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Das​ ​Black​ ​- Milk Easy​ ​Breezy

Das​ ​Black​ ​- Milk Easy​ ​Breezy


Das Black Milk is a rock and roll group born during the G.W. Bush administration in the belly of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Founded by Nathaniel Kane and Brian Emmert, the group has been proselytizing the benefits of the “new lifestyle” for over 10 years. Though a little worse for the wear, DBM meticulously wipes the blood from their hands and fine clothing to fight another day. Their newest album Easy Breezy has been described as the sound of a circular saw slicing through the necks of politicians, bureaucrats, and holy men.

Like that sharp blade, DBM cleaves through the fallacies that plague our vomitus culture with accuracy, clarity, and honesty. Every cut on this album is a potential chart topper! DBM mixes traditional rock and roll tactics like electric guitar, bass, and vocals with the futuristic sound of a machine drummer. They weave the past and present together in delightful smallpox ridden blanket to keep you warm at night.

Whether at home or abroad, the boys believe they have no home in the modern underground music scene. They preach individuality, knowledge and of course the American Dream but prove time and time again, that these concepts cannot exist in the packages they are sold. The portrait they paint though, is not a bleak one. The undercurrents of Easy Breezy point true north. Moving towards the “new lifestyle” with each guitar chord and every rambunctious groove. DBM invites you into their arc, 2 by 2 but 1 for all. My mother used to tell me, “Times are tough all over,” and Das Black Milk’s Easy Breezy demonstrates that sentiment isn’t a condemnation.

Das Black Milk proves that the systems of control or the “hard times” we face are no match for the “Purveyors of The New Lifestyle.” The empire’s grip is weakening and Easy Breezy is greasing the wheels of freedom.