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The Couch by Thomas H P Jerusalem

The Couch by Thomas H P Jerusalem



Model: Taylor Eaves
Photographer: Thomas H P Jerusalem, MUTE / A-MOMENT-IN-TIME.COM Photography – Bat Cave Studios, St Charles IL, USA
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/killerphotos
IG @amomentintimephotography

The Couch (by Taylor Eaves)
Your shirt is too low, pull it up. Your skirt is too short, pull it down. Cover your shoulders, you don’t want a detention at school. Fix your shirt, I can see your belly button. Respect yourself.

This couch here I’m on is the same one I can remember from my earliest childhood memories, the most vivid one being the couch I’d sit on when I knew I was getting in trouble. After my parents caught me hitting my little brother they would force me to sit there for time out. After my parents caught my friends and I teepeeing the neighbor’s yards, I’d sit on that couch while they yelled at me. After my parents caught me sneaking over to a boy’s house at two in the morning they would sit me down on that couch and talk to me about morals and even gave me a birds and the bees talk which is a nightmare for any teenager.

After my parents caught me showing a bit more skin than usual while modeling for the company that would eventually get me published in my first magazine. Wait hold on… Something is very wrong with this picture. Sure hitting your siblings and throwing toilet paper on people’s roofs is wrong but who decided to show some skin was wrong? We live in a world where everyone stresses to love the skin you were born in, yet we’re supposed to hide it to be accepted? Where were told to stay fit yet cover up? Where were told to love our bodies yet hide them behind layers of clothes to “respect yourself”? Everyone’s body is unique in their own way and I should not feel that I’m being punished for being proud of mine. Sure, call me cocky all you want but it’s a little something called self-love and quite honestly it’s something everyone could use a little more of.