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Collection New Chic In the city by Bruno Estatoff

Collection New Chic In the city by Bruno Estatoff


Hairdressers: Bruno Estatoff, Yvan Estatoff, Lucca Estatoff
Makeup: Morgane Guillet
Stylist: Bruno Guiot
Photos: ©Bruno Estatoff

Bruno Estatoff, a professional photographer, artistic director and hairdresser Ambassador for the brand L’Oréal Professionnel for 15 years, runs his salon with his two sons Lucca & Yvan Estatoff. Their strength lies in the human and artistic contribution of these three different personalities grouped around a love and a deep respect for their profession. Obviously, this family osmosis due to the happiness of working together allowed them to develop an image and a chic and commercial universe that they present throughout the year through shows, training and Look & Learn in France and abroad. The sobriety and technical and visual intelligence of their different collections have made their success with their peers and clients.

Always present on the different Fashion-Week of the whole world, the hair bun remains a sure value of the hairstyles worn by the working girls of New-York in Paris.

Created by Yvan ESTATOFF, this ultra-trendy version of the bun is enhanced by the realization of a double braid on the top of the head, on which is deposited a fastened constructed with a volume while roundness.
The chic and natural side is reinforced thanks to the messy dressy look, and the strands of curbs that have gradually been detached during the finalization of the hairstyle.

Yvan used the hair spray ‘Messy Cliché’ and ‘Savage panache’ from L’Oréal Professionnel Paris for this URBAN BUN.

To talk about the contemporary woman and her styles of hairstyle, one can not omit the importance of the braids that are always very in vogue on the catwalks and editorial fashion of the international magazines.
Lucca ESTATOFF wanted to create for this collection a decidedly modern look and rock. This gorgeous hairstyle, with its wavy, aerial and sexy lengths, becomes an alternative look thanks to the addition of two beautiful braids on the top of the head. They bring the strength of character and give the whole a casual-look determined.

Lucca used L’Oréal Professionnel’s PLI spray and INFINIUM lacquer to create its MOHAWK BRAID.

The image of the modern woman, sexy and who assumes it, is represented in our collective unconscious since the 60’s by Brigitte Bardot. Icon, it incarnates in itself a rebellious and free femininity.

To embody this new collection Yvan ESTATOFF, deliberately inspired its legendary hairstyle, to bring LA sexy touch to this fashion series. A beautiful free hair, slightly curly, and of course the famous hull on the top of the head that gives the tone and signature of this timeless look, timeless if it is.

Yvan used for this realization the styling fluid SIREN WAVE and the spray FIX-ANTI FRIZZ of L’Oréal Professionnel.

3 contemporary looks for a modern woman who privileges the beauty of her long hair.

Lucca ESTATOFF has built her styling work on a wavy basis. And from this support, he created 3 hyper-glamorous styling: a Hollywood look with a wide movement on the side and a very vaporous material. A second more urban look and always hype, the ‘side-swept’, with its very plated side while the other remains free and around the face. Finally, an editorial version designed around a long stripe of the medium that perfectly defines the oval of the face and distributes a beautiful light thanks to the work of enlightenment.

Lucca used Bouncy & Tender styling cream, Extreme Splash, and Infinium lacquer from L’Oréal Professionnel.

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