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Looking attractive and at the same time naturally — trend of the last years! Natural style underlines woman's beauty, highlights from the crowd and pays attention to her. Also it should show all advantages of skin and should be invisible for other eyes.
Photographer & Retouch: Tania Mura Fotografia, Red model| Rossa Denise Massa, Brown model | Manuela Columbanu, Hairstyle | Claudia Concas per Vintage Coco Hair Olbia, Makeup | Silvana Mura Makeup Studio Olbia, Photography assistance |Tiziana Manca
EVERYONE HAS A SHADOW. Photographer: Agnieszka Potoczna || www.facebook.com/potoczna.fotografia, Model: Zuza Poterek, Agency: SPOT Management, Make-up & Hair: Joanna Głowacka, Fashion Designer: Ewelina Kozłowska