Hello, my name is Bernard BOSC I am French I reside in French Guyana 42 years old photographer. I just discovered your magazine online photos are beautiful and the models are beautiful.
The concept art we (my photographer and I) wanted to portray was my interpretation of the Women in the Garden of Eden. I created the concept and ideas for the theme using minimal props to capture implied nudity.
The naked truth symbolizes the eternal discussion of nudity. The shame, freedom, and spontaneity are the three pillars on which this work is based. I want to show with this series that we almost forgot how "natural" it is to be naked.
Photographer: Fernando Penhos Zaga @fernando_penhos_zaga www.fernandopenhos.com, Daniela Oliveira ???????? @dannedoscamaroes @ @mzagency (Model Zone agency Mexico), Lāsma Dzene ???????? @lasmadzene @mzagency (Model Zone agency Mexico)