The naked truth symbolizes the eternal discussion of nudity. The shame, freedom, and spontaneity are the three pillars on which this work is based. I want to show with this series that we almost forgot how "natural" it is to be naked.
Photographer: Fernando Penhos Zaga @fernando_penhos_zaga www.fernandopenhos.com, Daniela Oliveira 🇵🇹 @dannedoscamaroes @ @mzagency (Model Zone agency Mexico), Lāsma Dzene 🇱🇻 @lasmadzene @mzagency (Model Zone agency Mexico)
Photographer: John Lee, Accessory Designer: Dana Bergerstock, Photographer: Melissa Bergerstock, Photographer: Toney Tapia Model: Toni Jamison, Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Mary Fortino