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NBL Entertainment 4 Track Music Submission Plus Album Art. Label - NBL ENTERTAINMENT, Artists - Malik Gita, Magikel, Location - South Africa, Duabi, USA, Email - info@nblentertainment.com
The Arraignment was created by BlackTear (Detroit's own BlackOut Radio CEO) in an effort to display the talent of some his industry contacts & also independent artists across the nation.
'N.U.M.B' recently won the 'Best R&B/Hip-Hop Song' category in the Unsigned Only Awards. Kris was the only UK act nominated in the category and, in fact, the only UK winner across all categories.
After an extensive hiatus, TreZure Empire returns to the stage and the studio, adding the title producer to her list of musical offerings. Focused on groove-based loops and ambient soundscapes, she creates a bright, globally infused sound.
Mellowtone's music ranges from trip-hop to indie-rock, with elements of pop, psychedelic, and ambient. these mellow tones, influenced by massive attack, björk or Portishead.
Radiate" is an original rock song by Rick Denzien. Bandmates include Chuck Treece on Drums, Kjell Benner on Bass along with Allen James on Lead Guitar. I'm singing an playing acoustic guitar, joining me on vocals is backing vocalist Debra Lee from Lyra Project.