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When planning this shoot, it was about showing the elegant outfits of Denise in a completely new light. Since I am a bigger fan of contrasts, I came up with the idea that the outfits should be shooted in an environment that gives the perfect contrast to it.
What really brought me into fashion photography is the relationship with people in general. I couldn’t stand spending hours alone in a studio to shoot culinary creations (it would kill me not to be allowed to eat it all) or pack shots. I truly need this contact with the artistic team.
The three of us are constantly collaborating ideas and working together to build each other up. It all started with Mindy and myself in 2014 when she found me on a modeling site, from then on we built each other for the better and have become really good friends.
My name is Simone Carinetti, I’m a young Italian photographer. I’m studying graphic design and art direction at the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan. I choose this university course thanks to my passion for cinema, which introduced me to the world of graphic and web design.