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Morphine, the debut collection, is named after the Greek God of dreams, Morpheus. Born spontaneously, out of pure passion and love for beauty, it is suitable for various occasions and it is addressed, primarily, to less conventional women, who do not accept any rules and limits.
The story of Novamara is not only a fictional interpretation of the end of the world. It is an artistic reminder that diversity should be celebrated, societies need to work together and we are all responsible in taking care of our earth.
Fashion Editor/Producer: Giovambattista Scuticchio Foderaro, Editor Assistant/Stylist: Silvia Berardi, Photographer: Vitaly Bachaco. Production Line: Katy Foderaro, Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Valentina Pushkarenko, Model: Anastasiya@VR Management, Editing Assistant: Miriam Sgambato
I like very much the Art of painting and the Symbolist period is one of my main inspiration. Poet doesn't only describe the reality but transmits indefinite impressions, suggests emotions, understands the inner essence of things.