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Bra’s knowledge you all get it

Bra’s knowledge you all get it


The fashion industry once popularized a “popular culture on the back.” Only pay attention to the front of the clothing decoration is not a fashion, but the front is unremarkable, but the back there is a gorgeous embroidery, it can be regarded as classic. The former can make the external glamorous, while the latter is the embodiment of loyalty to the inner. For underwear that is your personal companion for at least 8 hours a day, underwear is the same as the second skin.

In the summer before the arrival of the real thing, things around us have begun to experience “season”, skin care products have become refreshing, clothing has begun to become thin, a problem gradually surfaced, underwear should be how to choose?

The first is the measurement of underwear

Regardless of the shape of the chest and the size of the bust, I believe that many beautiful women have had uncomfortable experience wearing underwear. They always run up or empty cups at the bottom, the shoulder straps are easy to slide off, and tightening them is useless. The summer’s most enjoyable The moment may be the moment when you open the door and take off your underwear. Why are so many girls so resistant to wearing underwear? Maybe you just always wear inappropriate underwear.

So it’s important to choose your own underwear, but before you do this, you must first know how to measure your cup size.

How to choose big breast underwear

Many of the lingerie on the market are thick cups or narrow steel rims under the thin upper surface. They are squeezed through sponges or steel rings to push the breasts in the middle to form a gathered shape. In fact, this is very bad on the chest, can lead to blurred breast contours, loose skin, sagging deformation.

Big breasted beauty should avoid choosing these two types of underwear, and must choose to fit, not too large (the chest will not sabotage will still droop) or too close together. The fitted underwear can support the breast, stabilize the position of the breast, share the tension of the breast suspensory ligament, and prevent sagging and deformation.

How to choose small chest underwear

Not wearing Bra has become a new trend for young women in recent years. After all, they have no drooping troubles, but they can escape the shackles of summer steamers. In a sense, they also express their advocacy for women’s freedom. Are you happy?

However, in the summer, all kinds of thin, transparent, perspective, and low-cut garments emerged in an endless stream. Not wearing underwear not only has “provoke” troubles but in a sense, it is streaking, so the emergence of such underwear, the level of beauty makes all the girls have Reluctantly purse for it – Bralette.

Bralette generally refers to a non-rimless, chestless brassiere. It is made of a very lightweight fabric. This feature ensures the comfort of the underwear and the freedom of the chest. However, it does not have any shaping supportability. The natural beauty of the body, Jason suggested that the small breasts and beautiful women hand one.

Today, people’s aesthetics for women are no longer confined to breasts and buttocks. Microemulsions or breast milk have long been at the forefront of the fashion scene. The transformation of the aesthetic concept has greatly promoted the development of Bralette and overwhelmingly photographed the streets. It is to make it the most popular and most favored underwear at the moment.

Compared with ordinary bras, Bralette is not only refreshing and breathable but also beautiful. It is a perfect combination of fashion and sports. Whether it is worn alone or as a match, it is irresistible. RALDEW’s main BRALETTE from Guangzhou is dominated by triangular soft cups, and the atmosphere of the romantic and young girl makes it famous on Ins.

Perspective bra

See through bra is the strongest weapon of temptation. Nothing can be sexier than a looming nipple. That seductive charm will surely tempt your lover. Women will feel very cool in the process

Perspective Bras Many styles are suitable for everyday wear, so day and night look not easy, but when the night comes, your partner may invite you to spend unforgettable evenings, a perspective bra is fatal to your lover Force, every beauty with a boyfriend should have a perspective bra that belongs to you to keep the man’s heart!

Yandw is a brand of emerging underwear from Guangzhou. It specializes in creating natural and comfortable large-size underwear for busty women, as well as a variety of underwear styles. The cup size includes a variety of options from C to L. It focuses on natural comfort styles and adheres to healthy and safe guidelines. , in the raw materials and type of continuous improvement, has become a trusted brand for many people.