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Fashion Editorial: BELLA

Fashion Editorial: BELLA


Photography / Retouching / Styling by Sarah Rinne
Website: https://www.sarahrinne-photography.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/felicia.firat
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahrinne_photography/

Model: Ciara Thompson
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ciaraashleyy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/misscanada2017/

LOOK1: Dress from Tailor Bao Khanh Silk in Vietnam
LOOK2: Dress from Morgan & Co.
LOOK3: Dress from Morgan & Co.
LOOK4: Satin dress from H&M
LOOK5: Rosè skirt from H&M
LOOK6: Rosè skirt from H&M
LOOK7: Dress: Morgan & Co.
LOOK8: Satin dress: H&M
LOOK9: Dress from Tailor Bao Khanh Silk in Vietnam
LOOK10: Dress from Tailor Bao Khanh Silk in Vietnam

Fashion Editorial: BELLA
Fashion Editorial: BELLA

The photo shoot was taken on a misty lake in Huntsville, a small town in Ontario – Canada. “Bella” stands for the “beauty” of nature and the model. The story is supposed to spark sensuality, a sleepy beauty that awakens in the morning gray at the lake and spends the daydreamy in the autumn forest.

Photographer: Sarah Rinne www.SarahRinne-Photography.com Instagram @SarahRinne_Photograhy

Sarah, a photographer in fashion/portrait and food. After her 3-year study as a photographer in Germany, she became exceptionally specialized in outdoor photography. She practiced especially with natural daylight and brought the models into harmony with nature. Nature plays an important role in Sarah’s life. She loves to work outside, as nature inspires her and makes her creative. “Human belongs in nature,” she says.

She founded Sarah Rinne Photography in 2013 and has been working internationally ever since. She has already worked with numerous clients and magazines in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Canada and Germany and has also worked on her portfolio. On her three-year world journey, she worked on her own photographic style and pictorial language. Her photos sparkle freshness, happiness through natural light and color. The movements of the models have a natural effect and usually arise from spontaneous situations. Sarah had already exhibited an exhibition in 2012 in the bookstore Thalia in Germany with pictures representing the African and Asian style.

Model: Ciara Thompson Instagram @misscanada2017

Ciara was given the honor of winning the title of Miss Canada in March of 2017 and has been able to utilize her title to pursue her love of helping others through humanitarian and philanthropic work. She has used pageantry as a vessel to raise awareness surrounding the stigma of homelessness in Canada, advocating for mental health, and strives to show individuals at any age, gender, or race, that they, too, can accomplish so much more than they’ve ever dreamed.

As a fairly new face to the modeling industry, Ciara believes that the things she has learned during photo sessions with various photographers will help her both on and off the pageant stage. She will be representing Canada internationally at the Miss Top Model Universe Pageant in Spain, November 2017.

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