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A bachelor party guide to Las Vegas

A bachelor party guide to Las Vegas


Las Vegas is the obvious destination for many people planning a memorable bachelor party. After all, it is called Sin City for a reason and it is a place where fun-loving individuals can have a lot of fun regardless of preferences and budgets. Direct flights from most American cities and international flights with short layovers make it easy for people to reach this amazing destination. This short guide can help you make the most of your time spent in Las Vegas and ensure the success of your bachelor party.

Where to stay in Las Vegas?

If there is one city in the world that offers exceptional accommodation at reasonable prices, then this has to be Las Vegas. Hotels here are glamorous, quite affordable and travelers can expect the finest services without breaking the bank. Contrary to popular belief, all-inclusive hotels in Sin City are quite different from their counterparts from exotic islands. While you can’t expect to have everything paid for, the actual costs for accommodation are low and travelers can afford to stay at high-end hotels.

Another cool thing about Las Vegas hotels is that the best of them have their own casinos, or are closely located to one. This means that the thrills of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and slots are within walking distance and these luxurious casinos are heaven on earth for enthusiastic gamblers. A bachelor party in Las Vegas without a little bit of gambling entertainment is almost unthinkable. Many hotels offer excellent deals online with sites like Conquer Casino to those who join their “Players’ Clubs”, so make sure you sign up for these packages.

What can you do during the day?

The most exciting part of a bachelor party takes place during the evening and late at night. Having said this, if you manage to go through the night without getting wasted, there are plenty of cool things to do during the daytime. Daytime pool parties are ideal for getting in the mood for nighttime entertainment, but also to catch your breath after a longer gambling session. These pool parties are held from March to October and outside these months, other daytime activities should be considered. High-end shopping malls, helicopter tours, and water parks provide much-needed distraction throughout the day.

Las Vegas comes to life at night!

The Las Vegas nightlife is the highlight of any bachelor party held in the city and there are seemingly endless alternatives. Casinos welcome players 24/7 and you can simply take a stroll down the Strip and find an excellent place to gamble. Nightclubs are just as numerous and they can arrange for memorable bachelor parties, with just the right crowd, lots of drinks and fantastic music. Some of the best DJs in the world can be found in Las Vegas’ top clubs throughout the year, so the time is always right. Don’t forget to reserve a private table, because these clubs are always fully booked and free seats are in high demand.