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Olivia Gudaniec is a Canadian writer based out of Toronto, Canada. She graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from York University and holds a double major in Theatre and English.

The In-Depth Look at the Lifestyles of Film Members By: Olivia Gudaniec

Being employed in the entertainment industry means to acquire a specific interchangeable lifestyle. This leaves many cast and crew members having to decide if the pros of working in this business outweigh the cons.

Ready. Set. Float. By: Olivia Gudaniec

Float tanks, to my surprise, have been around for decades. Yet I did not know much about isolation therapy other then the fact that an individual is sealed in a confined area for a period of time. Some of my friends have mentioned that through their own personal experiences they have had epiphanies, revelations and even much needed solutions surface for them.

The HydraFacial – Is it all its hyped up to be? By: Olivia Gudaniec

The HydraFacial MD is one of the most sought after beauty treatments. After all, who doesn't want glowing, flawless skin that is so clearly promised? This particular procedure has been endorsed by numerous talk shows and is constantly being evaluated by fashion magazines, all of which are giving their praising reviews.

How People Really Eat On a Film Set By: Olivia Gudaniec

Ever wonder what working crews eat on a film set? Well, the wait is over. Read about my first hand experience as I take a bite into the magnificent world of food, in the film and television industry.

Find the Right MakeUp Remover for You By Olivia Gudaniec

Love applying and experimenting with makeup? At the end of the day, your skin care regime should not be a burden to remove.

Following Follows in the Spotlight By Olivia Gudaniec

Megan Follows is a free spirit with an approachable aura. I can safely attest for her compassion to all people, regardless of what department they are employed in.

Breaking Down Your Layers By: Olivia Gudaniec

For those of us who do not live in a warm climate three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, the winter months can be excruciating. That is why layering up to maximize one’s heat with the right clothes is a vital necessity. When exposed to harsh climates, especially if your job requires you to be outside for a prolonged period of time, the last thing you want to agonize over is if you have enough layers on. From my own experience working as a crew member in the film industry, having the proper outdoor gear is a must.

The Language of Lashes By Olivia Gudaniec

The obsession for beautiful long lashes has been around for numerous decades. Consider the phrase batting your lashes. Perhaps images of sensuality, sexuality or flirtation come to mind. It is that additional boost of confidence that extra lashes provide and the very essence of why so many women continue to purchase them.

Water That Looks & Tastes Good By Olivia Gudaniec

I have integrated infused water into my daily lifestyle for well over a year now. However, only recently have I realized that specific recipes are used to boost your immune system, reduce stress/headaches, loose weight, aid relaxation, maintain energy, and so forth.