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Sid Rane Fashion Editorial

Photographer: Sid Rane Photography @sidranephoto, Hairstylist: Leanne Hare Instagram:@hairstylistleannehare, Makeup: Stephanie Stella Instagram @createfacee, Stylist: Niché Joy

Photography Showcase – Reflect by Edward Vincent

This shoot was inspired by the mind of the Czech artist Federico Dìaz. Thousands of small mirrored pieces hang from this sculpture, reflecting the color of the surrounding world.

The Weeknd Cuts Ties With H&M Over Racist Hoodie Ad

Earlier today, H&M caught flack after they posted an advertisement on their U.K. website. The advertisement featured a young Black child wearing a hoodie that said, “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle Gym.

The 20 Biggest Games To Play In 2018

There are loads of huge games coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018 - here is our run-down of the top 20 that you should be excited about!

Leona Bluemoon Bluemoon Inspired & Miss Velvet Cream A Couture Affair

Miss Velvet Cream as envisioned with the headpieces Bluemooninspired by Leona BlueMoon MUARTISTRY Aja Walker The amazing models who also styled, dressed, production assisted

Photography Showcase – Precious Red

Power of SHE. She's powerful. It's the way that she moves. How she carries herself with confidence.

Death Wish Trailer 2018

Check out the new trailer starring Bruce Willis, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Elisabeth Shue! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers

Photography Showcase – Little Black Dress by Elżbieta Tomiak

Photographer: Elżbieta Tomiak, Female Model: Natalia Kudlicka @Malva Models, Makeup Artist: Magdalena Klonecka

Fashion Editorial: Top Shop

We have lived, as we do year after year, a wonderful time. A time where feelings of peace, friendship, love and family get a special value like good wishes towards all people, whether we know them or not. We have lived Christmas.

Freedom Equals Intimacy

Photographer: Cecilia Pennisi, Model: Joan