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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Hands, body and mind

Martina is an artist. Emilie wants to represent the person with her minimal imperfections. An artist, use her hands to create.

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Where is the Pink

When rural meets metropolitan it creates the current fashion. It is not possible to answer is it a temporary trend or something that will be written on our timelines.

Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd – Lost in the Fire (Official Video)

The Weeknd - Lost in the Fire by Director: Manu Cossu , Art direction: Valentine Reinhardt, Production: ICONOCLAST, Producer: Maëva Tenneroni


Dave Bautista, who played Marvel’s Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy and had a small role in Blade Runner 2049, has also joined Dune as “the Beast, Rabban.

Activision fraud investigation prompted by Bungie breakup

At the behest of its investors, Activision is currently being investigated for possible fraudulent activities by Pomerantz LLP, a law firm that specializes in securities fraud and anti-trust cases.

Solis Magazine Nude Showcase – Frenzy

Solis Magazine presents a Nude Showcase by Photographer: Adrianna Sołtys, Model: Aleksandra Antas - Frenzy

Solis Magazine Men’s Editorial: Eye

Solis Magazine Men's Fashion Editorial presented by Photographer: Arthur Mora, Model: Felipe Valencia

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Royale Affair

Solis Magazine Presents Royale Affair by Photographer: Eluvier Acosta @EluvierAcosta, Model: Sabrina Golomb , Agency: Mode Models International @ModeModelsIntl, Makeup Artist: Sofia Dellios

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Grease 2.0

When you go to find a model for a pleasure visit and come to you with a pair of leather leggings, if you are a photographer, in your mind take a process that would hardly come to life inside the mind of someone who is not a photographer.

Star Trek 4 Reportedly Shelved By Paramount

Clarkson was announced as Star Trek 4’s director back in April 2018 and would have become the movie franchise's first female director.