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Anthony Johns Photography Showcase

Anthony Johns Photography Showcase


Photographer credits is Rick Day and Ean Nigel
Photographer social media is Rick Day

Photographer: Ean Nigel

My fashion career started when I was a child. I admired many fashion designers from urban wear such as Sean John to Calvin Klein wear back in the 90’s. I believed fashions, self-identity style self-identity of confidence for all people.

These fashion designers inspired me to model such as Calvin Klein classic looks to Versace high-end tasteful designs inspired me to create myself into a male model that I can brand my self-identity. I am inspired by styles and creativity to continue in growing as a male model in this business.

I was inspired to model because I loved to experience human art developed through the camera lens. I believe modeling is an inspiration of emotion as a reflection of life.

I plan on participating in men’s New York fall fashion week 2017 also will be competing as titleholder Mr.Empire State (NY) for Mr. United States competition in August in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Social media Instagram: Anthonycjohns; Facebook: Anthony Johns
Fashion clothes @Abercrombie and Fitch