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Amanda Story

Amanda Story


I have been collaborating creatively with Fredy for almost a year. It’s a perfect marriage of artistic vision and creative energy. This story was born out of the desire to create images from the androgynous beauty inspired by the 1920’s and 1960’s with a modern influence.

I immediately envisioned the perfect backdrop for this concept. A house drenched in light that had existed for 100 years and witnessed the changes in style and fashion. The rooms provided us with a wonderful balance of past and present, strength and endurance, much like the heart of a woman. A woman’s heart has is the center of her sexuality. It has many rooms and can be strong, dark and mysterious as well as soft, romantic and powerful.

For the 1920’s inspired beauty, Fredy created an asymmetrical look by lowering and rounding the brow with a matte finish completing the androgynous vintage feel of beauty screaming for love and attention. He then juxtaposed this look with the bombshell of Americana beauty by moving into the 1960’s hair and the iconic graphic liner.Even though it appears as though we used two models, it is indeed the same girl.

Fredy’s muse Amanda was perfect for this project. She was able to give exactly what we wanted by drawing upon her inner strength and power that is undeniably magnetic. She became the modern version of an uninhibited 1920’s woman, and she became the contemporary version of the classic sensual bombshell. She drew us in and we were there with her.

CJ pulled together several looks from current trends that are reminiscent of garments fashionable in the 20’s and 30’s as well as looks popular in the 60’s. Keeping the feel mysterious with a bit of an S&M flare inspired by the 20’s where sexuality was more discreet and left room for the imagination. In contrast he then mixed a boyfriend shirt with soft sensuous lingerie and took us to another era of sexuality.

Working with such an amazing team is magical. The energy flowed through all of us as we created one powerfully moving image after another. As a team we successfully emphasized the empowerment of women’s beauty and sexual confidence.