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Ali Blake “Witness”

Ali Blake “Witness”

Ali Blake "Witness"

Singer/songwriter, Ali Blake, debuts a pop anthem of hope and determination on new single, “Witness.” An experienced songwriter, Blake was influenced by introspective artists like Nina Simone as well as pop superstars like Sia. Each of those inspirations is apparent in the unique brand of pop music she creates. The Chicago-native has performed in venues across the country, including New York City, Atlanta, and Oakland before she found her creative home in Los Angeles. It’s in the city of angels that she’s been working to complete her new album, “Blood,” with John Avila (renowned producer and bassist) and Anton Söder (producer). If powerful anthem, “Witness,” is any indication of what’s to come, Blake’s next project is one to watch for.

On “Witness,” Ali Blake vibrates with unstoppable joyful energy. Meandering alongside the inspirational lyrics, which encourage each of us to find our way out of the darkness, is a soulful musical experience. Her message of hope and determination radiates through every quiet verse and budding chorus. As her epic voice rings over the gospel choir, the glistening track grows in both melodic wonder and anthemic joy. If there’s one message that rings clear throughout this powerful track, it’s that we all stand stronger together than we do apart. Be sure to check out Ali Blake’s roaringly eloquent new single, “Witness.”

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