Solis Mag Ad1


  • AD Sizes Available 720×90 Leaderboard, 300×250 Medium Rectangle, Half Page 300×600, Mobile Size Specs: 350×50 Mobile Banner, Responsive AD option is available.
  • File Size: 40k maximum for Flash, GIF/JPEG files
  • Rotations/loops: No more than 3
  • Frame rate: 25 frames per second maximum
  • URL: Please provide web address for linking banner ads
  • Image types: GIF, JPEG, Flash 10.1 or lower
  • 3rd party tag: If providing rich creative via a 3rd party tag, please apply a polite load of max 40kb
  • GIF/JPEG backup: Rich media creative requires a GIF/JPEG backup for users who do not have the Macromedia Flash plug-in.

1150px, design to standard screen display 1366px with bleed to up to 1900px width

Dimensions: Width 1366x (max width 1900) x min height 1200px. Center page area: 1150px

To find out more about advertising sizes and rates on our website, please contact us via email at Solismagazine@gmail.com Subject “Magazine AD”


Bleed ads (width x height, inches)

• Page trim size: 7 x 10
• Page bleed size: 7.5 x 10.5
• Spread trim size: 14 x 10
• Spread bleed size: 14.5 x 10.5

The live area must be 1/4” away from trim size. Bleed must extend 1/4” beyond trim on all sides. The White knockout type must be 6 pt. minimum size. (Helvetica or similar font size)

Non-bleed ads (width x height, inches)

• 1/2 horizontal: 6.125 x 4.4375
• 1/2 vertical: 3 x 9
• 1/2 horizontal spread: 13 x 4.4375
• 1/4 square: 3 x 4.4375
• 1/8 horizontal: 3 x 2.1563
• 1/8 vertical: 1.4375 x 4.4375

Fractional ads must include a clear border to delineate between editorial and advertising content. If a border is not included, we reserve the right to create one. Fractional ads will not bleed.

Material Deadlines
Advertising materials must arrive no later than 4 pm on Thursday prior to the publication date. If you require assistance in building an ad, elements and copy should arrive no later than 4 pm on Wednesday prior to the publication date.

Ad Submission
All ads must be submitted via wetransfer.com or Dropbox to Solismagazine#gmail.com. No FTP or email ads will be accepted.

Ad Design
Time Out will provide limited design assistance free of charge. Production adjustments to print-ready ads may result in a 15% surcharge. Time Out is not liable for ads not approved by an advertiser by 2 pm the Friday prior to the publication date.