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Thomas H P Jerusalem – Anna

Thomas H.P. Jerusalem of MUTE Photography is a German photographer living and working in the Western suburbs of Chicago, IL. After living in London, UK for four years, he relocated to Chicago, in 2004.

The Couch by Thomas H P Jerusalem

This couch here I’m on is the same one I can remember from my earliest childhood memories, the most vivid one being the couch I’d sit on when I knew I was getting in trouble.

Fashion Editorial: Warming up with Coffee

Advanced, supreme, sophisticated… She’s a modern woman, someone to be desired. Fashionable and admired more than she even knows. She’s established with such fashionable finesse that harbors a sensibility.” At least that is how her closest friends would describe her…

Fashion Editorial: Punk

I’m originative, odd, and peculiar. I’m a wonder wall of grim accessories, and a boastful creative energy. The sun sets each night with a lonesome tone of despair. To be understood, loved, and accepted is a yearning we are born with—arguably the cause of our shrieking once exposed through the birth canal.

Photography Showcase – Olivia (nudity)

After a long week of hardships and bad luck, Madame was in despair. In hope of relieving some personal stresses, she took the afternoon to focus on her mind and inner self.

Fashion Editorial: My Dark Summer

Photographer Thomas H.P. Jerusalem bring you haunting new fashion editorial that deals with everyday tragedy that most people feel and see.