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7 Fashion Tips You Must Know

7 Fashion Tips You Must Know


When it is about fashion, we all have a soft corner for trends. But all these fashion trends are dynamic. They come, and then they go. What stays active all the time is the black dress that suits your figure. Some things just never go out of style.

Let us all face it- no one is perfect in any sense, especially when it comes to dressing. The trends seem easier when seen in a magazine or a TV show, but people mess up when it comes to following them. A fashion stylist can notice even the slightest of an error from miles away. To get better at this, we need some tips, especially from experts. Here are some of them to help you with this. It doesn’t matter if you’re a college student or a business owner, just have a go.

Expose strategically
One who knows what to reveal and what to keep under the wraps knows the art of looking sexy. If you expose way too much, what’s left for the viewers? I mean there’s no mystery that way. To be sexy, reveal one, just one of your body parts, and then show it off. This has been advised by Jen Rade, who is the stylist to Angelina Jolie. She says if it’s your legs, cover the torso, and if it’s the cleavage, then don’t reveal the legs.

Use Bright Accessories
More often than not, people have their wardrobe filled with the light colored clothes. If you are one of such people, complement your outfits with boldly hued satchel and shoes. When it is about the bags, black is not the evergreen choice. One with ruby red leather looks livelier and is surprisingly versatile. That said; try wearing a neutral base with a bag and shoes in two different bright complementary colors.

Check out the rear view
Fashion is all about looking stylish, even if wearing the most typical outfits. But to look cool, the dress must fit your body shape and size. This is what aesthetic clothing is all about. After you are ready for the dinner, don’t just lock your home without having a look of the rear portion.

People will love it only if you do. Don’t leave the house you like what’s in the mirror. The view from each and every angle matters in the universe of fashion. Visit any of the aesthetic clothing stores to get the best and latest aesthetic clothes.

Mix the Prints
It looks cool when some colors and shades are combined and wore. It gives you a dynamic look among the people you are with. For this, you can wear something which has got a blend of prints that repeat on the separate areas of the dress, or one with a large-scale pattern along with a smaller one.

Buy Tumblr Clothes
A year ago, the brand launched its clothing line as well. It has got some lovely shirts, sweaters, accessories, and other items. All these things have been decorated by the popular artists from the same brand. It had even set up a pop-shop to sell the clothes. The shop was designed in such a way that whoever has ever used Tumblr will get the experience of the Tumblr dashboard.

Try thicker waistband
Do you love to flaunt the perfect curves around your waist? Well, most of us do. To show your hourglass curves to the people around, the easiest thing you can do is to wear a thicker waistband. Besides allowing you to show your curves off, it looks cool as well.

Dress according to your body and not age
Getting older does not mean you have to change your clothing style. Most people think that as the legs have toned enough for shorts, they must stop wearing the same. This is not true in any sense. Till the time you have got something to reveal, don’t just hide it. Who knows when the time gets over, so don’t fall into the trap of age. Always dress according to your body type.

So these were some of the tips extremely useful tips that you can follow to look stylish. When in a group, show your curves and skin to the people around you in the perfect way possible.